12 Items of Great Demand for your Next Garage Sale

12 Items of Great Demand for your Next Garage Sale

12 Items of Great Demand for your Next Garage Sale

Arranging a garage sell is quite interesting as you can buy and sell your stuff which you do not like or unwanted items online at a good price, you will be surprised that the following items are of great demand in your garage sells, you can list your garage sale with the following households and other accessories.

Fantasy Jewels

Whether they are looking for something flashy but economical, or think they have literally discovered a diamond in the rough, buyers of used stuff love fancy jewelry if they are exposed attractively and at a good price. To the simple pieces put a price of a couple of dollars and to the finest ones a price a little more expensive, to be able to negotiate.

"Like new" Items

Did you receive a gift that you don't like? Leave it in its original packaging and sell it at your next garage sale. Experienced buyers are always attentive in case they find items like new that they can give away without putting the recipient on notice. To those items you put a price of less than 50% of its original price, to sell them quickly.

Bags of Clothes

Sometimes it can be difficult to sell used clothing in sales of second-hand items. It offers buyers the option of filling a shopping bag with the items of their choice for a fixed economic price of, say, $ 10. It is a great way to get rid of what you have left at the end of the day. 

Vinyl Records

There is an active market for these albums, but prices vary considerably depending on the recording, the artist and the condition of the album. Before putting your old LP for sale, research online to make sure you don't underestimate its value.


Most hand and garden tools work as well as new ones and some are even considered collectibles. Toolboxes - especially the older, more solid ones made of steel - are usually easy to sell if your sale attracts DIY enthusiasts. My friend recently sold a three-piece vertical closet-style toolbox for $ 150 at online rummage sale. 

"American" Style Home Decor Garage Items

Watch several episodes of American Pickers, the popular cable television show, to give you an idea of ​​what buyers are looking for when selling eclectic "American" style items, belonging to the American cultural heritage, for home decoration. Vintage metal advertising signs - popular among enthusiasts of this style to decorate the walls - are sold from a few dollars to several hundred dollars or more.

Unwanted Books

Instead of trying to sell books individually, stack groups of similar books and sell them for $ 5 or $ 10. This is especially suitable for the sale of children's books, since the little ones do not tend to be as demanding as regards their choice of reading material.

Bottled Water and Soft Drinks

Although nobody is interested in buying what you have for sale, you can earn extra money if on a warm summer day you have a portable cooler full of cold drinks for thirsty shoppers. It will make audience to stay more in your garage sale.

Battered Wooden Furniture Garage Sale

The current popularity of "improved recycling" —infusing new life and functionality to supposedly disposable items— has created a demand for many used items, including wooden furniture in poor condition but not considered antiques. Many shoppers like to haggle to get better prices on larger and one-of-a-kind items, so start with slightly higher prices.

Retro Toys and Dolls

That Barbie doll or Star Wars figure you have in the closet could earn you quick money at a garage sale, but you will probably sell them for more to serious collectors at an online auction site like eBay. The state of vintage toys is essential to establish their value, and the original packaging is sometimes worth more than the vintage toy it contains.

Children and Baby Clothes

Regular consumers of garage sales report that there is a constant market for lightly used children's and baby clothes, as children grow very fast. A good general rule to sell clothing and other items quickly is to put a price of 20% less than the price at which new ones would be sold.


Of course, there is always a market for antiques, so try to include at least a few so you can use the word "antiques" honestly in any ad. The "word A" always attracts the public.

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