Are Garage Sales a Good Idea?

Are Garage Sales a Good Idea?

Are Garage Sales a Good Idea?

Of Course it's a Good Idea!

It is known from garage sales to places where effort on price "offer" items of all types with condition used or new, highly accessible or interest.

Meetings that are also held between groups of bidders, usually small and focused on obtaining immediate customers.

Creating garage sale events, selling at home, in a social way, in groups and with a varied garage sale offers, can become a trend within the next few years and that is why we will create a list of the best tips to make your garage sale come out great.

Why More and More Community Garage Sale are Organized?


  1. The Increase in entrepreneurship.
  2. The need to add money to family income.
  3. The use of free time in economic activities.
  4. In addition, the costs of stores, increasingly high, avoid or create the necessary barriers to invest in them.
  5. And finally, in these garage sale events, many entrepreneurs can participate, becoming a community alternative for income generation. I participated in garage sale near me with my used garage and it turned our very good for me and planning to my next garage sale listing for another garage sale in my area.

Tips for Organizing the Garage Sale Events

  • Advertise garage sale event and invites all bidders who are interested in participating products.
  • Defines the least two or three tentative dates (or more) to achieve the highest possible call.
  • Establish a wide schedule, so you can wait for the arrival of customers who have morning, afternoon or evening.
  • Make a garage sale listing at home, or family, you are interested in selling.
  • Adequately coordinates of arrival and organization of products: schedule, packaging, warnings for sensitive products, storage place, how to be displayed during the garage sale event.
  • Evaluates and ranks the products used, semi-new, new.
  • Label them all is a good idea not to waste time if the number of guests is wide.
  • Office hours can also divide to create times in which order.
  • Create a guide that you can photocopy, with all contact details, in addition to the list of products and prices.
  • Make garage sale deals to grab most of the audience.
  • If your house has a cost, make it known to all participants.
  • The previous cost, if applicable, can be variable (a commission of the sale made by a guest) or fixed, or both.
  • If you are sending invitations for garage sale, you can use: email, Inbox application or personally.
  • Remember the impact that will have if the event is public, thus controls the public dissemination of the same.
  • Make the availability of some water bottles and drinks in summer, so that the audience can stay more in your garage sale.
  • And if it is winter, consider creating the conditions to serve your visitors in a space with controlled temperature.
  • If after the garage sale event, you will continue to sell, it's best to have business cards available to distribute among the audience to keep them update from your garage sale offers.
  • Remember to consider having biodegradable bags, boxes, paper bags at hand or asking your customers to bring them.

Tips on Garage Sale Listing or What to Sale

  1. Analyzes well that your garage sale listing does not end up staying in your hands, unsold.
  2. Check the status and characteristics of the products of other participants to avoid surprises.
  3. Whatever the case, products must demonstrate the best of the cleanliness and quality possible.
  4. Without a used product it has a certain level of damage or aging, it is best to communicate it in some way on the label.
  5. It considers a very good disposition, order and security for the garage, so that they are, opportunely monitored and offered.
  6. Not very wise to sell food at these events, unless sold, and packaging is no longer valid or quality.
  7. Make reasonable garage sale to sale most of the products or you can make some garage sale deals to attract the customers most.
  8. If the products are used, you can sell garages that demonstrate licensing (for example, pole designs with movie characters).

Tips to Make Your Garage Sale Profitable

  • Increase the probability of your neighborhood garage sales, being clear who will go to the garage sale event and what products can "fit" with that person.
  • Anticipating, as far as possible, generates a higher level of income and this applies to:
  1. Communication time
  2. Customer Search
  3. Bidders Search
  • Classification and identification of garage sale product listing... mainly.
  • You could, if you organize your garage sale, allocate a minimum cost because reasonable garage sale is the "key" for the participation of bidders.
  • If your customers know in advance what your garage sale offers, they may even prefer digital attention with delivery, not to go.
  • Have your account data ready, or activate some type of virtual or physical POS, which allows you to agility in closing sales.
  • If you are going to cash, collect coins to be able to deliver the corresponding return or exchange, in an agile way.

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