Christmas Shopping at Yard Sale: A Guide to Buy Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

Christmas Shopping at Yard Sale: A Guide to Buy Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

Christmas Shopping at Yard Sale: A Guide to Buy Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

Buying Christmas gifts at a garage yard sale may sound strange and even bad to many of us. How can we give used items as Christmas gifts? If you don't want to do it then we suggest that you don't do it at all. But, if you are out to buy as good as new objects in a fraction of cost then this guide is all you need.

Yard and garage sales are great places to find hidden and unique gems and with little efforts, you could do it successfully.

Below are some useful tips to find gifts from these economical yard and garage sales.

Make a Detailed List

No matter how many items you want to buy, always start with making a list. A list is like your shopping outline and you don't want to start without it. Write down all the Christmas gift ideas and items that you want to buy. List down the ideas only since you do not know whether you will find the item or not. Make a list of all the people that you will be giving gifts to and some gift ideas against their names.

Make a Realistic Budget

Do not start your garage yard sale Christmas shopping without a clear and set budget. Setting a budget will help you stay focused on the price range and prevent you from over spending. For example, you want to spend $5 on kids items and up to $20 for adults, wrote it down in front of the names. When checking the items and deals, make sure that they come into your budget.

Research the Original Prices

Do proper research before you go Christmas shopping at yard sale. Check the prices of the items that you want to buy at the garage sale. If there is minimum difference in the prices then it is better that you let it go. Research about neighborhood and nearby garage and yard sales also. Finding rare gems from the piles of used and commonplace items need ample time and you must be willing to do it. Check through different sales to see what unique and inexpensive items they offer.

Search for New Items

Or at least those that look new. You will be surprised to see how many new items you will find in such places. Many of the items would still be in their packs, if you are lucky enough. Even if you do not find brand new items in the sale, you will definitely find some great new looking items for your family and friends. This is why say that this kind of shopping expedition requires time because you want to visit different sales to find and get impressive and inexpensive items.

Look for Damages

Getting something for yourself that requires a little stitch here and there is different than giving a damaged item to someone. Inspect the items closely and look for the damages. Some dirt or dust is fine because you will be cleaning them anyway before presenting it. But, a sweater without buttons or a teapot with a damaged lid is not OK. Gifts show how much we care for someone and by giving damaged items, you disrespect that person. So, be thoughtful and careful.

Start your Journey Early

Do not leave the shopping for later weeks and start as soon as possible. Research online and keep your eyes open for neighborhood and nearby garage and yard sales. Other than arranging sales in garage and backyard, people list their items online also. Therefore, search for the required items online also.

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