Garage & Yard Sales-Maximum Profits from Least Valued Items

Garage & Yard Sales-Maximum Profits from Least Valued Items

Garage & Yard Sales-Maximum Profits from Least Valued Items

Garage sale can be a great way to make money and get rid of unused items. There are many garage market tips and tricks that can help you make extra money, but nothing is more important than how you rate the garage market.

How the items sold in the garage are valued depends entirely on your area of ​​residence, the quality of the items and whether the items are still trendy. If you do some surveys on the 10% rule and choose the best price for the category of goods you want to sell, you can rate the goods so that they can be sold and you can make the most money.

First, sell specialty products online

If you plan to sell some special items in a garage market, you should try selling them online through a local yard sales app like Yard Hopping.

Special items are all desirable items, the price of which is higher than that of your other garage market items. These can be branded shoes or clothing, antiques, collectibles or other items with the following items.

You may not find customers looking for your specialty products in the garage market. Therefore, you may accept cheap offers, otherwise they will not be sold at all. Online sales give you more opportunities to make more money with these items.


Before you put any items on the yard or in the garage, you should make an appointment and bring your neighbors with you. If more people sell goods, you may attract more buyers.

Holding a community fundraiser will bring a lot of traffic. Although some people go to a meter or two on Saturday to buy things, they will definitely check yours when there are several people on the same street.


Once you've decided to do the garage sale advertising over the weekend, start cleaning the garage and basement, loft, closet, and bedding. Cleaning once a year is the best way to remove any residue in your home, and it also brings you money for bringing new items. If you have decorations, old equipment and furniture that are no longer needed, this stock can be sold.

When you are ready to organize the items in the garage, prepare a table for display purposes. People should be able to see your items on the street. Organize invitations and eye-catching projects. Many buyers don't stop when they see nothing interesting.

Don't skip the prices

It's much easier to ask your customers or ask about prices, but pricing is an important step that you don't want to skip.

People visiting your garage sale place may offer less than you want, and some may not want to wait to ask for final price. Take some time to evaluate your goods and your customers will be happy and more willing to go shopping.

Visit other garage sales

The price of garage sales varies greatly depending on where you live. Using a garage sale finder such as app to find garage sale near you and check their prices.

Make sure you access a large number of sales so you can see the general prices. Most garage sales in your area usually have the same prices for items like clothes, books, toys, furniture, and household items. Please note and rate your items in a similar manner, as people in your area are used to paying for these items when sold in other yards.

Follow the 10% rule

The general rule is that for garage sales, your price for an item cannot exceed 10% of the retail price. This seems like a very small amount, but what you really want to earn the most is the number of items.

If you have some good items in good condition, you can set their prices at around 20% to 25%. However, this can be too high unless you find a suitable customer.

Final price with 5 or 10

Always end the price with 5 or 10. This makes it easier for customers to make payments and you can also refund changes. This is also the usual garage market price your customers are looking for. If you want to go further, you can only increase the price by $ 0.25.

Ready to negotiate

Those who run a garage sale like to trade and get a lot. Significant price reduction doesn't seem to be a way to make more money, but it depends on the simple fact that if you sell more, you earn more. Especially if you want to donate something that you are not selling.

The last day of the garage sale before few hours of closing you can start offering more discounts to make sure you can sell most of the items if not all.

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