How to write an effective ad post

How to write an effective ad post

How to write an effective ad post

Posting online ads to sell preloved items helps reach a vast number of customers. For example, on, you can sell everything from books to bikes. Either it is your cutlery or clothes which you no longer need.

You can put up anything to sell, but remember, customers, do not react to ads every time. You need to be an expert seller if you do not want to end up giving out things for free. An expert seller knows how to display his object for sale and communicate with the buyers out there. He writes an effective ad to grab attention of his audience.

Read on to know the tips for writing effective ads on It will help you to attract buyers to your post.

Create an eye-striking headline:

When you craft a new ad, you will have a space to mention the title of your listing. This title will be visible to the people when they browse for products. The title should be telling the people what you are selling to grab their attention. You can use one or two describing words. For example, “comfortable and good in condition crib for your baby” or “spacious wooden cabinet”. Make the title informational


Make sure you choose the correct category for the item you are posting. If the title and classification do not go along, you may look scammer to the customer. You will most likely lose your customer with this small blunder.

Give reason:

When you post an ad, explain why you are selling the product. This will make the customer realize that you are selling for your reasons. However, do not give a reason which makes your product less attractive. For example, my dress is not harmonizing with mine. Instead, you can say, “I am not getting fit into those clothes.”

There are multiple reasons like you are having space problem, or you are shifting abroad, your children might be grown up and no more interested in plush toys, you just realized you have a wide variety of cups etc.

Be descriptive as much as possible:

Describe the item in a way that may be brief but complete. It should encompass every necessary detail a customer may want. You can include the name, model, time of purchase, colour, material, size, condition etc. Do not exaggerate the item as a new brand one item.

 Also, mention any glitch and malfunctioning, if any. Be honest and concise with the description to prevent any misleading.

Upload great pictures: allows you to upload images of your items. Unfortunately, you lose more than half of the customers when you post an ad without pictures. And you blow your chances when you upload the bad ones. Bad means the dark, blurry unclear images. The item in the picture is dusty, surrounded by other messes. Do not make this mistake.

Clean out your item. Do fixing if required. Please bring it to the best possible condition. Now take a clear picture in a bright area. Make sure to cover all the details you mentioned in your description. Photograph all angles to help customers visually examine the item.

Setting price:

 Before pricing the item, take a survey on other online platforms. Check how much competition your item will face and what prices other sellers are offering. Price is a bit higher so they can negotiate and make them a deal they cannot say no. Avoid overpricing that will abstain customers to step back.


You want your ad readers to be your buyers. To provide readers with every possible way to contact you. Make yourself easily accessible. Please provide them with your contact number and email address. Respond promptly and gently. Use persuasive language to encourage their potential. Make it look urgent or highly demanded to give that extra push.

People are usually terrified to deal on the internet. Many scammers have ruined the image of genuine and honest sellers. Try to take away their fear. Ask them to visit and see the item if possible.

 You are now kit up with the best tips to write an effective ad. So, visit click on sell to start selling.


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