Ten big companies that started in a Garage & Yard Sale

Ten big companies that started in a Garage & Yard Sale

Ten big companies that started in a Garage & Yard Sale

Some of the largest and most successful companies in the world had very modest beginnings

What do Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon have in common? In addition to being some of the largest companies in the world, these companies had some very modest beginnings before becoming the multinationals we all know today.

Starting a business has never been easy, but the founders of these business giants were able to find the necessary resources to get ahead in their time. The garage of parents or friends or even the trunk of the car have been rarely the place of birth of successful companies. Yard Hopping has got an inspiration from the following giants and started its website to give a platform to advertise garage sales events in different areas including neighborhood yard sales too.

If you have garage to sale then take an inspiration from the listed companies and make yard sales offers. Here are some of the most curious cases with ten large companies that took their first steps in a garage:


The company founded by Steve Jobs and his namesake Steve Wosniak started from the reasonable garage sale of Jobs's parents in 1976, where both built the first computers of the brand. Jobs and Wozniak joined after leaving their jobs in Atari and HP respectively to found the company that has become a world leader in technology and innovation with their products.


Amazon was born in the garage of its creator, Jeff Bezos, in 1994. At that time the company had another name, Cadabra.com, and was nothing more than a simple online book store. The garage, which was also used as a storage place for books, soon became small when the company began selling all kinds of products to 48 different countries. 20 years later, Amazon has become an online sales giant that even has its own technology department to develop drones that facilitate the delivery of its products.


A garage sale was also the first studio of the Disney company in Hollywood. Walt Disney , its founder, began his career in the animated cinema in his uncle Robert's garage, where he shot several films based on his short film 'Alice's Wonderland', which mixed images of real action and animation.


Blue Ribbon Sport was the name of the company we know today as Nike. Founded by Philip Knight and Bill Bowerman in 1964, this giant selling sportswear did not even enjoy a garage at the beginning. Knight and Bowerman had to settle for using the trunk of their car to sell the first Nike shoes in history.


A couple of students with an innovative idea, a good friend and a garage sales deals, that was all that was necessary for Google to be born. Standford Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed the famous online search engine in a garage, where they located their servers. Susan Wojcicki, current CEO of YouTube, took over the rent of $ 1700 for these guys to raise one of the largest companies on the planet.


The company responsible for the world's most used operating system was built from the garage of the family of one of its creators, Bill Gates. The well-known billionaire started there the work that led him to found in 1975 with Paul Allen the company that was going to revolutionize the software market in the coming years.


In 1901, William S. Harley had the brilliant idea of ​​adding an engine to his bike to go faster. Thus, with the help of his friend Arthur Davidson, Harley designed the first motorcycle in the garage where they worked manufacturing engines and where the iconic Harley-Davidson company was born.


The famous technology company Hewlett Pack was one of the first to choose a garage and make garage listing to use as a cradle for its business. A garage that only had a table and a filing cabinet, but that served its founders, William Hewlett and David Packard, to create their company with an initial capital of $ 538 and get to market their first product in 1938. As a curiosity, The company got this garage sale offer considered a historic place in California as the birthplace of Silicon Valley. Currently the property belongs to HP and has been restored.


Lifting multinationals from the home garage is not something unique from the last century and YouTube is a recent example of this. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim revolutionized the Internet with their online video website, developed to solve the problems that their creators had when sharing videos on the Web. The three engineers used their savings money to develop in the garage from Hurley the platform visited today by more than 1 billion users per month.


Barbie was also born in a garage. Ruth and Elliot Handler studied industrial design when they decided to start their own business. They started selling wooden frames, doll houses and other toys, until they realized that the market dedicated to children could be an interesting and little exploited niche, which led to the creation in the 50s of a doll with features as an adult woman, the first Barbie.

This were all amazing, you could be the next one to convert in a large company… Take an initiative with simple estate garage sale at Yard Hopping with amazing garage sale deals and wait for the day of garage sale event to earn most.

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