Tips for Your Yard sale on Instagram

Tips for Your Yard sale on Instagram

Tips for Your Yard sale on Instagram

Hey! Surely you have already seen that "garage sales" have become very popular in the Instagram social network, yes! Online garage sales, this is happening in different countries, but from here in United States you can find accounts of all cities.

In this post I will give you several tips to keep a garage sale account effectively and with excellent results.

I almost forgot it! These accounts are not only for selling what you no longer use, you can also exchange / exchange for other things (If you have not read my post about bartering here I leave it to you).

Besides Instagram, you may take help from Yard Hopping an online resource to advertise garage sale event and to know about neighborhood yard sales to get most of the benefits. To get connected with Yard Hoppers, you just need to register and add your time and place of garage sale event and add your garage sale offers and deals to clear your stock.

Back to social yard sales, to start I want to tell you some of the benefits of advertising garage sale via Instagram, I have been in that world for a little over a year and it seems great.

Benefits of Yard Sale offers:

·        You make money selling things that you didn't even remember you had.

·        It's fun.

·        It keeps you distracted and busy.

·        Update your wardrobe with bartering or with the money you make selling.

·        You know great people with similar tastes to yours.

·        You use the Instagram for something productive

·        Surely you get interesting treasures in other accounts (I love this)

·        You can sell that sweater that belonged to your ex and you don't want to.

·        Sell ​​all that you bought and never used.

If after reading the above yard sale benefits, you encouraged yourself to leave all those things that you do not use, I will give you some tips to start

Create an Instagram account with a simple name, so it will be easier for people to remember the user, it is not advisable to use your personal account, remember that we need garage followers.

In the search engine of the application look “yard sales near me”, “Yard sales in my area”, “garage sale deals” etc. and may get results for different accounts along with different websites of garage selling that you see that are from your city or country, follow some of these accounts and you will see how they start to follow you back.

What Do I Sale in My Garage?

Now ... what do I sell in my Yard sale? This is the part where you run to your closet and take out all that you don't wear for more than three months or those which are in good condition. That's why you're going to start, those things you bought and for some reason or another you never used like books! The books deserve a second chance other than being piled up in some corner of your room.

This is one of the most important tips I can give you, after looking for that bunch of things you plan to sell, check them out! Look at the seams, on the sole of the shoes, on the cover of the book ... You should check very well if it has any details and with this my next advice

BE HONEST! After you reviewed all the pieces, you took pictures of your garage, make garage sale listing and published them, the description part comes ... That's where you are going to describe the garment and please, if it has any details you must place it, this depends on the reputation of your account, since, let me warn you that if you sell a garment in disrepair to any person, even if it is another garage, this person will be in charge of publishing it and letting all Instagram know by causing you to lose many followers and therefore, sales. Another thing that you should be honest about is the size, if a blouse is "one size fits all" but it is tiny, don't tell a girl who asks if she can fit a size L that probably does fit her, don't cheat on her. You will continue losing customers ... You must also say if the garment is new, as new or widely used.

What Price to Place for My Garage?

PRICES, sure you were waiting for this, how do I know what price to place? I know that in United States things are in the clouds, but you must be aware that they are used things, some with details and that it is a "garage sale", you cannot put a price on a mall store.

An extra:

Shipments nationwide! Excellent words for every buyer and seller, who can get you to the door of your house that treasure you got online is priceless.

Get Instant Garage Sale Help from Yard Hoppers:

Yard Hopping generates Garage Sales Events on its platform to get audience from neighborhood. It is advisable to create an account on Instagram as well as Advertise your yard sale on Yard Hopping too, you will surely get potential customers for your garage products and will earn money.

I hope this post has been useful to you and that you put it into practice, join garage sales! It's super fun ... I must say!

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