Tips on Buying Used Bike from Garage Sale

Tips on Buying Used Bike from Garage Sale

Tips on Buying Used Bike from Garage Sale

In this article, you get to know about purchasing a second-hand bike and how to get the most out of your budget when making the purchase from a yard sale.

Buying Used Bike from Garage Sale

There's nothing wrong with getting a used bike from any weekend garage sale if it’s good to deal as with anything it's a tipping point to save some money. So before making any specific purchase from someone or any bike garage sale do your research first if you’re looking for something specific. Online reviews are a great source of getting to know some information.

If you are after a specific type of model there is plenty of information available on the manufacturer's website to help you know what things to be careful when looking for options available around different bike yard sales.

If you’re purchasing from any nearby garage sale, do ask for a guidebook of the bike which details the aspects of the bike such as frame, wheels, and drive train.

Inquiry about the Bike at Garage Sale

Buying anything second-hand is always an excellent way to save a few dollars but such a saving is not without risk. When buying a second-hand bicycle be sure to ask a lot of questions such as why are they intend to sell it, how long it has been used and did it has ever been crashed, and so on. If the seller gets impatient about any of these then question the purchase of it.

What to examine before the purchase from Bike Yard Sale

a)     The frame is the foundation of the bike and it would be the most important part to ensure without fault is crucial. It is more costly to repair a frame compared to other parts of the bike such as chains, tires, brakes, etc. Make sure to check the frame for any dents, scratches, or unusual bends. Be careful to check out any small crack that could lead to tragic failure and hurt someone riding it and the same goes to look after any corrosion.

b)     Drive train is a closed circuit that pushes the bike and comprises the cranks, chains, chainrings, cassette, derailleurs, and shifters all together as it directly affects the efficiency of shifting. All of these components are replaceable but costly, so it's better to assess their condition beforehand. If a single deteriorated component isn't fully indicative the whole drivetrain will be required to replace and so on the other parts connected will likely to be replaced as well. So start checking the cranks for any damage similar to what you are looking for when checking the frame; scratches, dents, chips or bends.

c)      Carefully examine the chainrings and cassette for sharpened teeth, which would indicate excessive wear which will lead to lowly engagement with the chain and make gears slip. Check the chain for any stretch, which actually shouldn’t stretch, and the pins that join the links together become damaged and the chain grows in length.

d)     Look out for those brakes which should similarly behave to the derailleurs and shifters, moving freely without resistance.

e)     Wheels are the major components influencing the ride quality and few that will cost you more to replace, so be attentive towards assessing the hoops. Give them a good spin and make sure they spin straight, and any bending or movement could negotiate if it's any more than a few millimeters. Then check the rim braking surface for a hollow shape which indicates it has been worn down and is at risk of failure.

f)      Tires are easily replaced but at a cost, so preferably they should be in good condition when you decide to make the purchase. Pay attention for a square or flat section down the middle of the tire which indicates durability. Most tires have to wear indicators in the form of a small hole in the center and if you don’t see this hole, it shows there is not sufficient tread left and you should replace it at the earliest.

g)     Any unusual sounds or movement in a bike will represent how poorly maintained are the bearings. One quick way to identify if the bearings at the front of the bike are shot is to apply the front brake and rock the bike back and forth and if there is any knocking that indicates a problem. A similar test can be done at the bottom bracket by holding the cranks and trying to move them sideways and if there is any cross-movement that will indicate something problematic. can help you find the best fit bike for you around different weekend yard sales and most reliable sellers and buyers for your bike purchase or sell and If you’re a seller for a bike then make sure to offer the same quality of sale to your buyers to keep a healthy trend for others as well.

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