What awaits Yard Hoppers in the United States?

What awaits Yard Hoppers in the United States?

What awaits Yard Hoppers in the United States?

YardHopping an app tries to break into a market in which helps to find “garage sales near me” “garage sales in my area”, “garage sale events” and neighborhood garage sales”. With this app you can find different community garage sales by map.

Surely you have something that you have not used for a long time or do you remember that article that was given to you and that never served? Buying and selling of garages helps some to get rid of what they don't use and others to find what they were looking for without spending too much.

To cover these needs, Yard Hopping was born, which now wants to put its head in a new market: the American one. But what awaits Yard Hoppers? What will you find in this country?

Those who live in the United States know well that people constantly sell and buy new things and garages. It is part of everyday life. In addition, Americans usually move out of the house - much more so than Spaniards and Europeans - and not all furniture can always be carried in tow. On average, an American moves up to 12 times throughout his life.


The most traditional competition

Therefore, it is not surprising that every weekend you see multiple posters that advertise garage sales, yard sales and estate sales.

While the first two are like street markets or makeshift rakes that are made at the doors, in the garages and in the gardens of the houses ... estate sales are made when someone is moving and allows people to enter your home so that Look at the objects inside and that have been put up for sale.

From them hang labels with the price and whoever is interested pays that amount and takes the furniture, the kitchen utensil or the lawnmower from the house. It's that simple, that easy and very reasonable garage sale.

This would be the most traditional competition that Yard Hopping would have to face. It is a long-established tradition in the United States with which to rival will not be easy, but with which coexistence would be possible. Why not some of the items hang on YardHopping sold in the garage? Like this way they go more curious and increase garage sales.

Yard Hopping allows you to advertise garage sales online to get audience form different areas and may around the world. There are already no. of Neighborhood garage sales listed at YardHopping and they are making money with the announced garage sales events. If you have garage at your home then do not waste it and make a simple garage listing, add some garage sale deals and garage sale offers to attract the most and the most important thing is make a reasonable garage sale so that you could clear out your stock successfully.

Send us all the details of your garage sale event with your garage sale offers to be enlisted at our place and make preparation for the day.

Secret Advice: involve your friends and make a collection of garages from them to give audience a great variety.

Wish you best of luck for your next Mega Garage Sale Event!

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