How to Manage Early Birds at Yard Sale

How to Manage Early Birds at Yard Sale

How to Manage Early Birds at Yard Sale

As we all know, early risers will appear the night before the yard is sold and watch you put them on the table the next day. They will also appear on your sales day more than three hours before your sale begins. Although you can avoid showing goods early by selling them in the garage, it does limit space. The best way to deal with early arrivals is to face them directly. If the early arrivals appear in your sales, you actually have only two options: you can sell the product to them immediately and you can tell them clearly that it will not be sold until the sale begins.

Preparations: One day before the sale

If your sign or ad says you're open at 8:00 am, make sure you're open at 7:30 a.m. Many good buyers come early to ensure they get the best prices. Don't worry about the early bird. They are professionals - where they can spend money. All "safe" refreshments that you can sell increase their sales and brings you more income.

  • Make sure the yard and surrounding area are clean and tidy, cut hedges, rake leaves, weed and cut grass. Place the container in an invisible place.
  • Mark the price on the tape and then tear off the tape or label. Do not set the price directly on the item as the ink can penetrate. Make sure the ink is good and dark (black pen sharpener works well). Please add the box, manual and instructions (you can get a better price). If possible, please rate the product the day before (and classify the product in the box). This speeds up the sale of morning supplies.
  • Clean all objects thoroughly - the lighter the better. Wash clothes, blankets, towels, bed linen.
  • Mark the size of curtains on the paper tape.
  • Move the vehicle over the block, especially if you live on a small street. If people can't find a parking space, they won’t be able to enter in the yard sale.
  • Advertise it: You can include "no early bird" in the ad, but that doesn't stop everyone. As soon as the "early bird" appears, you need someone to monitor the situation outside.

When you sell, early risers can distract you. If you give them access to your property when placing items, they can dispose of your items at will and ask you questions so that you cannot accurately assess the items. Catching up early risers will also ruin your sales. If the customer shows your sale at the right time, notice that you've sold it to the early bird for a few hours. He can be angry and just go away without buying anything.

Place and sign "No Early Birds" on the Yard Sale ad

The most common way for sellers to keep early risers away is to include "birds that don't get up early" in garage sale near me on newspapers. It prevents everyone except the most aggressive early bird types from appearing more than 30 minutes before the start of garage sales.

If you arrive early and insist that they can deliver the highest price for your product and say they can't wait to start selling, you can get their contact information in case you don't receive the product and let them call later, Sell ​​at a price your early bird is willing to pay.

A tough measure to deal with persistent early arrivals is to charge them more. The yard’s advertisements and printed posters clearly state that early risers must charge twice or three times the published price of an item. Such a wording usually prevents early arrivals from being sold.Items should be as cheap as possible. Remember that your emotional value for something has nothing to do with the actual value that potential customers may see.

Let them shop early, but no discount

If you don't have the energy to stop the early bird, you should set a proper policy for a period of time on the first morning of the transaction to make the problems worthwhile. This specific time can be your official start time.

Keep the garage door or gate closed

Preventing early bird from coming to the market in person is the best way to prevent them from showing up. This means selling in the garage and keeping the door closed until production begins. Locked driveway or fence doors can also function normally.

If you don't have a garage or gate, the next thing you need to do is close the yard sales area. Tie a rope between the carports or saw frame to complete the job. It's not impenetrable, but it does provide physical separation and makes your intentions perfectly clear. When using ropes, leave someone outside (or at least let them go in and out frequently) to prevent the boldest early birds from sliding in and make them look better. You can also get the intent absolutely right by hanging the "No Entry" sign on the rope.

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