Tips to Organize Successful Garage Sale

Tips to Organize Successful Garage Sale

Tips to Organize Successful Garage Sale

If in your closet there are clothes, shoes or accessories in good condition that, at least, in the last year you did not use, consider that it is stagnant money and that you can make it liquid in a weekend. Garage sales are an option to achieve it. The great percentage of searching garage sales near me shows that people are very much interested in used house hold and other accessories items to buy.

However, organizing garage sales events require planning time, much effort in the execution and collaboration of two or three people in the project. Some personal finance experts say that community garage sales practice can help you generate extra money, while others claim that these garage sales is only worth, if the resources obtained go to a social cause, since they are economically insignificant.

Your time is very valuable, a garage sale implies an organization of the whole week and allocate at least Saturday and Sunday to carry it out. It is possible that you will get money in return, so think if it is worth doing. Yard Hopping continues to organize a garage sale in my area of semi-new things on weekends.  If you want to advertise garage sale then you can contact us. In this article we are sharing some tips to arrange successful and reasonable garage sales in your area.

1.     Getting start with Garage Sale Listing

Make a garage list of all the garments, accessories or objects you wish to sell, count them and briefly describe them in a list (write size, type of fabric and if you have a defect). Ideally, do it in an Excel document, so you will know what you have to offer.

To enrich the inventory, form alliances. Get together with friends or family to get more clothes on sale, so people will have more variety to choose from. People often searching garage sale offers, your all added information will aid them to come to you.

2. Arrange Community Garage Sales

If you live in a high-income neighborhood, your neighbors may not buy used items. Find a place in a low and low middle income community that can acquire “without penalty” what you are going to offer.

3. Make Reasonable Garage Sales

The price you impose on your items will depend on their quality and the type of material with which it is made. The cost to the public should vary from 10 to 25% of its original price.

The final price should be less than what you paid for the new garment, but higher than what a clothing store would offer you.

4. Advertise Your Garage Sales to heat the floor

Two weeks in advance, paste posters with the address, day and time the bazaar will take place. The corner shop, the bakery, the butcher shop, the pharmacy, the market can be strategic points for the neighbors to see, suggests Salas.

If you have time, make flyers in free design programs, print them for distribution in the area and also post them on social networks. 

5. Distribution and order

Hang the clothes on hooks, put them on chairs or tables, so that people can see them. Do not pile them on the floor because it is uncomfortable for people to look at them, you have to make what people see pleasant.

6. The day of the sale

Make the Garage sale two or three days after the fortnight, so that people have money and can buy you. The most recommended schedule is from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It is suggested that having exchange and bags or boxes where people can take the merchandise.

7. Take out the seller in you

Many times people will be sad to ask, but you must take out the seller inside. Phrases such as: "were you looking for something in particular?" Or "I have blouses and pants that you may have left", will make your potential customers stay longer.

8. Migrate to Digital

If you failed to sell your garage all that weekend, you have two options: find an orphanage, church or asylum where you can donate clothes and shoes, go for Neighborhood Garage Sales or start selling things online.

Facebook, in its mobile application, has a store section and it is a best option to sell your things online through these platforms. From there you can upload 10 photos, give them a brief description and choose the area where you want to promote them. Select a perimeter to post garage sales by map and assemble packages, for example, three blouses, pants and a belt for different amounts. It is not worth selling just one garment.

These Garage Sales ideas for garments may help you and to take assistance from an online resource then Yard Hoping will be the best option to carry out your all household goods for sell. We have mobile garage for sales to sell your old stuff online at the best prices and can arrange garage sales on weekends and plan auctions for you. Visit us and plan your garage for sell with us.

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